Proposition 2016

Place: Dog training ground

When: September 3, 2016 at 9:30

Stop applications Friday, August 12

at the entrance will money box for shelter

Program (indicative):

9:30 to 10:30 - Inspection (check the vaccination cards)

10:45 to 12:15 - start the assessment in circles

12:15 to 12:45 - Lunch break for referees

12:45 to 1:30 p.m. -Additional competition

14:00 - end of the event

Circle no. 1: Ms. Hana Tylová, Mrs. Hana Kostelecká Šulcová


- Fameles in 40 cm
- Females over 40 cm
- Dogs into 40 cm

- Dogs over 40 cm

Purebred without Pass of Origin
- Fameles in 40 cm
- Females over 40 cm
- Dogs into 40 cm
- Dogs over 40 cm
Purebred with Pass of Origin
- females
- dogs
Puppy from 3 to 11 months

Veterans from 9 years and more

Please include in the application a month of birth dog, will be better oriented enlisted into categories. The dog must be at least a day before the event to achieve the desired age category, if the dog is older than recorded in the category will be excluded from consideration, therefore, ask for the most accurate classification.

Additional competitions:
Child and dog - for a child under 11 years of age
Doggy duo - two dogs regardless of gender and race, in terms of similarity of dogs

skills dog - dog owner and dog can show what you want. what know your dog

Masquerade with dog - a contest where you try as much as possible shape dogs. Some call it like a carnival, because in this competition using costumes.

Each participant gets a gift.

Entry fee:
The first dog 200, -
Each additional dog 100, -
Send payment before the deadline for the account -------------------- messages to the recipient and write the name of dog and category
Prices competitions 30, - each - payment on the place of event

Veterinary conditions:
1. A dog must be clinically healthy
2. The dogs must have a valid vaccination certificate and a valid rabies vaccination and at the time not shorter than 30 days and not more than 1 year. Dogs do not need a certificate of clinical testing their healthly state.

General provisions:
According to the law on protection of animals against cruelty no. 246/1992, as amended, in particular, as amended by Act no. 77/2004 Coll. not a public event admitted canine dog with cropped ears and will not be judged.
From the exhibition are excluded Hot females and females at advanced stages of pregnancy. Biting dogs must be muzzled. It is forbidden to use spiked collar. Free running of dogs is not allowed. For damages caused by the dog corresponds to the exhibitor. The organizers are not responsible for injury or lost dog at the show. Aggressive or otherwise intractable dogs may be excluded from the exhibition without refund of entry fee. Non-participation in the exhibition for any reason, there is no reason to return the entry fee.
Each of exhibitors responsible for your dog and therefore for collecting the excrement. For untidy excrements threaten exhibitors cleaning entire complex training ground.
If the exhibitor does not pay the fee will not be admitted to the exhibition and therefore no assessment. Please, compliance deadline after deadline will not be logged.

Documents required for participation:
Vaccination certificate with valid vaccinations. If you want to just take with them on a paper written by the date the mission of payments, if any problems arose at scrutineering.

More information:
In the event that the individual categories will be participants, the organizers reserve the right to merge itself most similar groups.
Bring your dog bowl, drinking water, blankets, treats, a toy that needs a dog, take too sachets of cleaning excrement. The event will be held outdoors, so adjust accordingly, both in clothes and their needs. At the event, the strict prohibition of free-running dogs.
Refreshments, toilets are equipped. In good weather will also pool for children.